Mrs. Kelly

Officer Buckle and Gloria

It was funny when Gloria was making stunts in the air without him knowing until he watch himself on t.v.

eesan 3rd grade

mayby the police needs a budy to act out his safty tips

I like that Gloria did tricks when officer Buckle was'nt looking

young-a kim 2nd Grade :)

I liked it when Claire wrote the letter to Mr. Buckle because she wrote it very well. Abigail,3rd Grade It was funny when Gloria did tricks behind Officer Buckle back.Austin Zhu 2nd gradeI like when Officer Buckle said you need a team.´╗┐Emily Depaula 2nd grade.I liked that Officer Buckle gave Gloria ice cream because it was kindGauri Girirajan 2nd grade. I liked when at the end when Goria pretended to be shocked.Ryan Chung 2nd grade