Mrs. Louie

Diary of a Worm

I liked when Worm ate his homework.That was really funny! Also i liked when Worm's dad ate the newspaper!!!!This book was really funny!Last is that someone really eat their homework or newspaper. That would be really funny!!! - Dan 3rd grade

I like when worm fell of spiders web because it is funny and it matchs the story cause every diary has something bad.
Eshaan-3rd gradeI likred the anniveisary part becavse it was fvnny when he said ' ' ewww! ' ' and I liked the pavt when his siste (siws in the mirrur and said you wouid iook the same vpside up and vpside down.
I liked when the spider dug and when the spider got dirt in his mouth.
Eric - 3rd gradE
I liked the part when worm ate his homework!!!!!!! I'd love to see a real worm eat its homework-young-a, 2nd gradeSeth-3rd gradeI liked the part when Worm went to the dance beacause all he could do is move his head in and out.
Eesan - 3rd grade
I like when he eats his homework beacuase the teacher said never to eat his homework but he did :P

I like it when he had the bad dream.-Jacob hates all Mrs.Ados class 2nd grade

it was funny when he ate his homework because he was hungry. JeReMy 3rd grade
I also liked when Worm ate his homework.Cate, 2nd grade