Mrs. Sakla

Tacky the Penguin

Tacky is a penguin because he lives in the iceburg. Abigail, 3rd grade

I really liked how you used great asrition Connor

Name a character trait that describes Tacky. Why did you pick that trait?

What was "the lesson" learned in the story?

I think Tacky is odd because he does every thing differrent.
Michael Pugh 3rd

I think Tacky is odd because his companions marched nicely 1234,1234 but Tacky marched1,2,4,9,6,0,two in a half,0.His companions were graceful divers but Tacky made big splashy cannon balls.His companions singed beautiful songs like sun rise on the iceberg . but Tacky sang HOW MANY TOES DOES A FISH HAVE!!!!! AND HOW MANY WINGS ON A COW!!!!!!!!!The lesson in the story is it's good to be different.

P.S I love Ms Sakla reading the book Tacky the penguin. I read the book Tackylocks And The Three Bears and I checked it out from the Fallsmead libary some Mondays.- Alexander Lopez 1st Grade


I think Tacky is odd because he marched out of order and he did splashy cannonballs. The lesson is

it's good to be different - Priya 1st grade

I think that Tacky is unusual because his companions all did things a certain way, and Tacky did things a whole different way. The lesson is that sometimes, it is good to be different because you might get someone to change their mind when others probably can't, like Tacky did in the story. -Cate, 2nd grade

I think Tacky is odd because he sings weird songs like HOW MANY TOES DOES A FISH HAVE!!!! ????His companions are graceful divers but Tacky does splashy cannonballs.The lesson is it is good to be different.Arya 1st grade

I think Tackys crazy because the other penguins marched 1234 but Tacky counted 1,2,4,9,6,0,1 and a half

,0. tacky makes splashy cannon balls while the other penguins dived in a nice balenced diving position

but when the hunters come tacky marched 1,2,4,9,6,0,2 and a half,0. and sang HOW MANY TOES DOES A FISH HAVE???? HOW MANY WINGS ON A COW??? then the hunters got scared and ran away. The lesson in the story shows that its O.K. to be diffrent.

my favorite part is when Tacky dances like 214837293 and in a crazy beat.

Tacky is wierd because tacky sings how many toes does a fish have and how many wings on a cow.And he counts wierdly.

ps i dont like spaghetti

pps my friend eric is one feet tall

from Hieu

I think Tacky unusal because he did everything a different way than the other penguans.The lesson is that it's okay to be different.Michelle 2nd Grade