Ms. ShevitzThe Paper Bag Princess

Elizabeth was a girl in a house because she saw a dragon Abigail, 3rd Grade

I agree and like Elizabeths choices.I liked when Elizabeth tricked the dragon.

Do you agree with Princess Elizabeth's choices in the story? Would you have done anything differently?

I agree with most of Elizabeth's choices except when she knocked on the door twice.If I were her, I would just bust open the door with a stick. -Cate, 2nd grade

Joy 3rd
I think Princess Elizabeth's choices shows her character trait. She is determined and smart. If a situation like that happens, I would do that.

Michael 3rd
I think Elizibith is smart because she tired the dragon and saved the prince.

i like that Elizibeth knows it's better to have a good heart than to be pretty

I would have done what Elizabeth did, because she made the dragon tired and because she is smart.-- Katherine Lei 3rd Grade Wendi 3rd GradeI would have done what Elizabeth did because she wasn't vain and even though she was supposed to be marrying Prince Ronald, she didn't because she followed her own heart.I did not like this story because the name of the story is the paper bag princesses but in the story she is only like a regular person.-Jacob Mrs.Ados class 2nd grade

Three words; Worst, Story, Ever.Seth Ki liked the part were they didnt get maried after allguadalupe 3rd grade My favorite part was when the prince said ''I m not going to marry you''.Mikey Fellman