Ms. Snedeker

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

This book was kind of funny but it was bad also because Alexander got soap in his eyes and that really hurts and everything else that happend to him was horrible. -Dan 3rd grade
I don't like this book because he had a bad day. AbigailI like this book because Alexander fell in the mud. - Shrikar 3rd grade´╗┐I think this book is funny because nothing good happens to Alexander. -Daniel 3rd gradeI like the book because it's a boy that's sloppy. Not a girl and I'm a girl.~Larissa Tsai~3rd Grade

I think the boy was not being nice to his brothors and his brothors was not being nice to him and it was not nice to posh him in the mud but it was not nice to hit his borthor

I feel really bad for Alex beacuse he did,t do anything to get in troble.

I didn't like this book because he got gum in his hair. Mikey Fellman 2th grade